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Here you see a list of things that need to be done which are not chained to Milestone releases. Each task can be worked on seperatly. If you want to help developing JCast-X send a notice to and pick one of those:

Sources need an abstract way to present informations about the media streamed
If you look at PlaylistSourceThread and the way informations about MP3's are read through ID3 or path related informations, you get a feeling why this needs a cleaner implementation :). Since JCast-X should be able to work with all kinds of media-streams we need something that will work with MP3, MPEG, OGG, ... and other formats. First ideas are to create some kind of SourceInfo Interface which wraps common media informations like getArtist(), getAlbum(), getTitle(), getShortName(), getLongName()...
The SourceInfo should be able to create/fill itself from different Sources, maybe with factory methods like create( ID3Tag), create( FilePath ), create( MPGProperties ), ...
A look at various "Builder Patterns" is probably worth it too.

.net package need design for performance
When you connect to JCast-X you notice a latency between 0.1 and 3.5 seconds. This great gap is partly because of the thread-schedulers way of assigning who is the active thread. But mainly because of a non existing design for latency! Now since the core of JCast-X is stable and proven to work as expected. Plus we have a unit-testing suite for the core. Now is the time to adjust the code/design for latency.

Install script needs to work under Win32
The install.xml will work under Win32 with no problem, but the won't ;). The major part here is to adjust all pathes to work with Win32 based systems. And maybe extra features that only work on Win32.

Implement a DelayReader
Looking at PlaylistSourceThread again you will notice a lot of members and methods that deal with calculating the delay for the streamed source. I believe all of these things can be hidden away into another class which sole purpose is to deliver byte[] with variable speed. This is just an idea but I image a method like:
public byte[] delayRead( InputStream stream, int delay ) throws IOException;
I am not sure about the InputStream argument since you need to handle the threads delay, but I believe you see where I am heading.

Create unit-tests for .net package
Now this is not as trivial as it sounds. Since the .net package deals with transporting byte[]s over the network, the testing-suite would need to use some kind of client-server test. If you think you know how to do this, or you simply would like to know how to do this ;). Tkae this task and take your time.

Design a web-gui for JCast-X
With the next Milestone JCast-X will have a Servlet-Engine that supports JSP (Jetty). With that we need some kind of cool-bleeding-edge web frontend. ;)

Do Code-Reviews
This task can always be done by anyone. Just get the source code from CSV, take a package and read through the lines of code. When you find something/anything that you think is worth talking about ( bugs, javadoc, design issues, wrong code, bad code ) submit your list of "issues" to Be constructive and clear in your review if you do one, and do not use inapropriate language ;).

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