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The way is the aim...

Following proven rules, odd numbers mark unstable development versions, even numbers are more or less stable. As you will notice there are no dates behind the milestones. This is intended! Every Milestone will be ready, when its ready... not before ;).

Current position: 0.1.5, target is 0.1.6


Milestone: 0.1.2
Server configuration based on xml file. [done]

Milestone: 0.1.4
Complete unit-test suite. (Junit + Ant) [done]
Install script. (Ant) [done]

Milestone: 0.1.6
Further cleanup of code, more javadoc descriptions.
Create the base of a wwwclient for JCast-X:
Integration of Jetty servlet engine. [done]
Adjusting install script for new component.
Create JCast-X-Jetty as independed development tree in CVS.

Milestone: 0.1.8
Create more client listeners (WinAmp, mpg123, file-download, ...)
Create www -status page, -download request page.

Milestone: 0.2.0
Add incoming stream support (from shout, ices, etc)
Create www-admin (simple login)

Milestone: 0.2.2
Add relay stream support (connecting to icecast/shoutcast and relay a stream)
Create www-admin (interactive creation of channels)

Milestone: 0.2.4
Add DB support. Importing local files into internal DB to later use them for queries.
Create www-admin (user management)

Milestone: 0.2.6
Add dynamic channels. (Connect to /DynaChannel/genre/rock, /DynaChannel/Album/Blind Guardian)
Create www user features. (Jukebox, top-10, ...)

Milestone: 0.2.8
Add multi channels
Multichannels are served by more than one source. For example a welcome jingle, 2 commercial jingles, 3 MP3-Sources playing. Customers could than connect to any of the 3 or the channel would use round-robin for those who dont choose a specific source.. etc.

Milestone: 0.3.0
JCast-X to JCast-X peer-to-peer communication. This would enable something like napster.... but *pssst*... don't tell anyone.

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