de.anneck.jcast Provides the general entrance or startup of JCast-X.
de.anneck.jcast.channels Distributes byte[] from sources to listeners following the producer-bus-consumer pattern.
de.anneck.jcast.configuration Serves all JCast-X components with offering configuration from XML files.
de.anneck.jcast.core JCast-X core provides internal design and mechanics.
de.anneck.jcast.listeners Receiving byte[] from channels into various listener implementations which can subscribe to sources or channels and serve as consumer components in the producer-bus-consumer pattern. Enables communication with JCast-X components over the network.
de.anneck.jcast.sources Sending byte[] to channels through different implementations, acting as the producer in the producer-bus-consumer pattern.
de.anneck.jcast.util Provides many utility classes used in JCast-X.